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Mary Broadcast Band
One Nation
"One nation" is the soundtrack of the Mary Broadcast band for the project "Goodball - kicking for moola". The net profit goes to various nonprofit organisations.
The Blue Flagships
Red and Blue
Rolling Boogies, flogging saxophone riffs, swinging Blues vocals, stomping R&B beats, virtuoso piano playing and some popular standards ... all danceable and very intoxicating.
Sixty Minute Men
Smack Dab In The Middle
R&B from the 1940's and 1950's in the vein of famous Blues Shouters like Wynonie Harris, Big John Greer, Roy Brown and Tiny Bradshaw.
Mojo Blues Band
Get Out Blues
Reissue of the legendary live recording session at the Vienna Jazzland in 2004. The Mojo Blues Band is at the climax of its musical craft and stages a brilliant comeback after three years without any releases.
Fall In Blues
Third CD of "Fall in Blues" under the leadership of singer and guitarist Hermann ‘Hobo’ Posch. The band has its own take on the blues rather than any slavish copying. Straight blues numbers in the band’s own individual, relaxed and tight style, and some examples of ‘americana’ for lack of a better term...
Norbert Schneider's R&B Caravan
Live at Festival Jazz Ascona 2007
Norbert Schneider's R&B Caravan was THE discovery of the renowned jazz festival Ascona 2007. With an irresistible style mix of Rhythm & Blues, Soul and a little bit of Folk the band can even rock a nursing home. 83 minutes of pure musical vitality in very good quality of sound and video!
The King Bees
Among the many bands in the blooming European blues scene, The King Bees have earned a reputation as a top notch live act and - as this CD proves – as excellent recording artists. While being true to their roots and the Chicago and West Coast style blues tradition, most of the eighteen songs on this recording are self penned originals...
Mojo Blues Band
Thirty Year Blues Affair (2CDs)
To celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, the new double CD “Thirty Year Blues Affair” with 30 tracks including acoustic numbers for the first time.
Norbert Schneider's R&B Caravan
completely locked in
Swingin' 50's style R & B with a touch of Soul. R & B Caravan was founded in 2002 in Austria with the aim of spreading the joy of blues & swing, as well as to show how fun and danceable jazz can be......
Frank Muschalle Trio
Mellow Blues
Together with the former Mojo Bluesband musicians Dani Gugolz, double bass, and Peter Müller, drums, Frank Muschalle plays the jazzy, smooth or groovy R & B piano styles of the 40s and early 50s like no one else on this planet. The groove and the piano are rolling, the Saxophones honk and swing. Prepare yourself to get overjoyed!
Frank Muschalle Trio
Frank Muschalle Trio featuring Rusty Zinn
Outstanding CD of congenial musicians who present their music in proper style, creatively and full of enthusiasm. High recommendation for all friends of predominantly instrumental Blues, R & B, and boogie-woogie sounds with focus on the piano and guitar.
Mojo Blues Band
Blues Parade 2000 Volume 1 & 2
Millenium 2 CD-Set, elected the CD of the month by the British music magazine "Blues & Rhythm (Nr.147), featuring Larry Dale, Bob Gaddy, Jimmy McCracklin, Nappy Brown, AC Reed, Little Mack Simmons, Jimmy Anderson, Doug Jay, etc.
Frank Muschalle
One word summarizes the CD Frank Muschalle Live: Devastating! Muschalle’s technical ability, his dynamics and his command of blues piano genres are impressive indeed.