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Lazy Diamonds
Sticking Together
Cake Break
At the Titicaca Lake
Cake Break - At the Lake Titicaca makes absolutely addictive. If you come to the end of the album - you like to hear it again immediately!
Lazy Diamonds
Live 'n' Lazy
The LAZY DIAMONDS’ third CD, Live ’n’ Lazy, is also the band’s first live album. Recorded in April 2008 at a concert at the “KUGA”, it contains rousing live versions of selected tracks from their first two studio productions. Earthy, no-frills blues-rock…
Lazy Diamonds
standing at your door
Four rather eccentric men, generally seen wearing black suits, bowler hats and sunglasses and wielding Gibson Flying V guitars (or in one case drumsticks). They tend to produce feelings of euphoria in audiences by writing and playing down-to-earth, blues-based songs with large amounts of enthusiasm. Earthy Blues-Rock at its best!
Rigor Mortis Group
Short Tales
Timeless Blues Rock with excellent arrangements and finest guitar work makes "Short Tales", the new album of the Rigor Mortis Group, an absolute highlight in every record collection. This record reminds in an impressive way to such tremedous artists like Rory Gallagher, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jimi Hendrix.
Lazy Diamonds
Sweet 16
The debut album of the Lazy Diamonds sounds anything but lazy. Using many different kinds of musical elements like Blues, Swing, Rock, etc., they create their own style without denying their old musical heroes. Exciting first work of a talented and very ambitious band! To be continued...
The Merchants of Venice